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The Barracuda Web Filter is a complete content filtering and application blocking solution designed to enforce acceptable Internet usage policies by blocking access to objectionable content and unauthorized Internet applications.

The Barracuda Web Filter includes powerful, award-winning protection against Internet threats (including spyware and viruses). No more productivity loss trying to repair computers or make computers usable again!

SC Magazine Award Finalist

SC Magazine’s Award - Finalist SC Magazine Names Barracuda Web Filter as a Finalist in its Reader Trust Awards For the Best Web Filtering Solution category.



How Are You Monitoring the Web Surfing Habits of Your Staff?

Increasingly, it is becoming more important for organizations to have the ability to filter web content so that they can respect their employee's personal interests while decreasing the following risks to their organization:

  • Legal Liabilities - how will you know if an employee engages in an illegal or inappropriate activity? How are you monitoring which websites your employees visit?
  • Bandwidth Consumption - how often has your network connection come to a grinding halt because the person in the office next to yours is downloading music or listening to streaming audio such as an Internet radio station? How are you able to define which websites your employees can or cannot visit?
  • Productivity - do you find that your employees are often distracted by being able to surf the Internet and if so how is your organization able to establish and enforce your Internet usage policy?

Powerful, Enterprise-Class, Web Content Filtering Solution

The Barracuda Web Filter combines preventative, reactive, and proactive measures to form a complete content filtering and web-security solution. The Barracuda Web Filter:

  • Blocks access to websites based on domain, URL pattern, or content category
  • Blocks downloads based on file types
  • Blocks application access to the Internet, including IM, music services, software update utilities, etc.
  • Integrates with "Safe Search" filters built into popular image search engines
  • Provides an integrated gateway and desktop spyware protection

Web Filter Architecture
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Designed for the enterprise, the Barracuda Web Filter enables organizations to set up custom policies for particular users and groups across customizable time ranges. The Barracuda Web Filter integrates with popular LDAP directory servers, such as Microsoft Active Directory, for both authentication and group membership information on which to apply custom policies.

NEW "Soft" Blocking

With "soft" blocking capabilities, administrators have the power to monitor and warn users who are not complying with their organization's Internet usage policies. In addition, Barracuda Web Filter version 3.1 includes more comprehensive reporting functions.

Web Filter Soft Blocking in Firmware 3.1


Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) is a Cisco-developed content-routing protocol that provides a mechanism to redirect traffic flows in real-time. It has built-in load balancing, scaling, fault tolerance, and service-assurance (failsafe) mechanisms.

No Software and No Modifications Required

With no software to install and no modifications required to your network, the Barracuda Web Filter is easy to install. It has an intuitive user interface for maintenance and monitoring, making it a virtually maintenance-free solution. Even system updates are made automatically by Barracuda Central, an advanced technology center where engineers work continuously to provide the most effective methods to combat the ever changing spyware variants.

Updates are performed hourly so that your Web Filter can block the ever changing virus and spyware variants.

3 Modes of Deployment

  1. Inline – Simple and complete – transparent proxy – no config required on the client. Can block Malware protocols.
  2. Forward Proxy – HTTP filtering only – but out of the Data Path. Need to tell the clients to use the Barracuda as proxy.
  3. NEW! WCCP – Requires a Router or Switch that supports WCCP but can proxy to multiple BWF. Load balancing and failover and scalability. Similar to Forward Proxy but the config is on the Swich and not the client.